Aloha (2015)

Aloha and Goodbye. I didn’t hate this movie, I thought it was pretty cute. It has an awesome cast and some of them were utilized really well and others (Krasinski) wasn’t used much at all. I must say the scene of non-verbal communication between Cooper and Krasinski will be one of my favorite scenes from this year. Otherwise, this movie will probably be forgotten. It has a pretty watered-down love story and some weird space based stuff in it that will confuse you. It has Bill Murray playing himself, being a total weirdo. The scenery is nice and it makes me want to check the islands out. I guess I just expect a little more out of Cameron Crowe. Oh well, at least some people got lei’d.


ReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Aloha (2015)


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