Christmas with the Kranks (2004)

A lot of people are cranky when they watch this because it doesn’t deserve all the bad reviews it has been getting. I really liked this movie. Sure it isn’t Tim Allen’s best film, but I liked the parts with Jamie Lee Curtis. I had a lot of really good laughs and I would say one negative thing was the movie turns around really quickly towards the end and everything seems to work out a little too easily. The best part of the film is at the tanning salon as Curtis is confronted by her priest while wearing a bikini. Petty…awkward. Dan Aykroyd has a pretty good cameo and no movie is complete without a Busey, this time we had Jake as a cop. So, the jokes weren’t blanked on you like snowflakes in a winter storm, but I thought the movie had some good parts and made me smile. Merry late, late Christmas everyone!



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Christmas with the Kranks (2004)


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