The Cobbler (2015)

Not a stinky shoe, but not a fresh set of kicks either… this movie was a strange one. Having Adam Sandler you would expect it to be a comedy, but it was almost more of a crime/drama than a funny movie. Sander did a good job, and he looked like he put on some weight for the role, but this wasn’t a typical movie for him. I did like the magic of his shoe-stitcher that lets him become other people if he wears their shoes. There was a great scene where he becomes a zombie and I about died laughing, but that was the funniest part in my opinion. I didn’t love the whole movie, and at times I wished it was over sooner, but I’m not too terribly disappointed that I watched it. It was just fine.


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The Cobbler (2015)


One thought on “The Cobbler (2015)

  1. This actually ended up being one of my favorite Sandler movies, after the Wedding Singer, of course. I thought the concept was interesting and I love Steve Buscemi and Dustin Hoffman (especially playing the same part!). Not your typical Sandler comedy, but I was happy to see you watched it and posted about it.

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