It Follows (2015)

Being beautiful, I’m sure it doesn’t take a demonic STD for someone to follow Maika Monroe around. This movie is pretty strange. An evil force will non-stop follow you, unless you…um… pass it on to another person. It’s not as gross as it sounds, but it is deadly for sure. I thought this concept was pretty fun. It felt like a mix of a slasher film and the Ring mixed into one movie. I also thought this had the best friend-zoned male scene ever. Good job guy! When you watch this, you’ll get what I mean. The one part of this movie I didn’t care for was the scene at the swimming pool. It felt a little hokey. Still, I found myself following the movie to the very end with great interest. Check this one out if you like a good thriller with some sci-fi horror in it.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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It Follows (2015)


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