Wall Street (1987)

Greed is good, and so is this movie. It’s not living in a penthouse good, but it has some fun moments. I loved seeing Martin and Charlie Sheen as father and son. I feel like I haven’t seen Daryl Hannah in a while and it was good to see her, although her character was supremely unlikable. Michael Douglas plays a great business shark that will take a bite out of anyone and smile. Oliver Stone paints a pretty vivid picture of how Wall Street works behind the scenes. You can tell he doesn’t love Wall Street people as both Sheen and Douglas are pretty villainous for the most part. The film is a lot more enjoyable as Sheen is working up the corporate ladder, when he starts getting successful the movie becomes quite boring. Still, I loved the performances and both the start and end of the movie. It’s just that pesky middle part that felt like I was watching the stock ticker on the bottom of the news.



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Wall Street (1987)


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