The Lost Boys (1987)

To quote someone online, in the 80’s the Vampires didn’t date you, they ate you. This movie is pretty darn good, but it suffers from a bloodless beginning. The movie only really v(amps) up until the last fifteen minutes or so. I think Kiefer Sutherland was an awesome vampire and I thought the make-up and special effects were really great. The person who stole the show was Corey Feldman. His gruff Batman voice and awesome vampire killing attitude really added some bright spots to the movie. The two main characters were pretty forgettable but Jami Gertz playing the part of Star was not. If this film would have been as good as it was in the last fifteen minutes, it probably would have earned a perfect score. Put a stake in me, I’m done.



For more information on this film,
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The Lost Boys (1987)


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