Rocky IV (1985)

Rocky vs. The Red Scare. This Rocky is just slightly less good than its predecessor as I felt like the corny ending really hurt the film. Otherwise, as usual this movie will get you pumped and might want you to start playing some Punch Out! on Nintendo afterwards. I always love the training montages and the soundtrack is so excellent. I loved watching Rocky train in the U.S.S.R. and it was cool seeing Stallone and Dolph Lundgren duke it out in the ring. This movie was pretty sad toward the beginning but it does have some touching and funny lines too. I really have to give Stallone credit for the writing, directing and crazy calisthenics that he had to do for this film. This film isn’t necessarily the champ but it beats the boxing shorts off of most Russian films. USA! USA! USA! Wrap yourself up in a star-spangled flag because this movie is as American as it gets.



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Rocky IV (1985)


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