Rocky III (1982)

This movie wasn’t exactly solid as a rock but it didn’t sink too low into the depths of mediocrity either. Rocky once again is back at it, being a newly minted champion he lives the high-life doing commercials and charity events. Speaking of the charity events, my favorite scene was the charity event where Rocky fights against Hulk Hogan. It was terrifying and funny at the same time. The best part of the rocky movies are the training montages and the final inevitable fight against the bad guy of the film. This time it’s against Mr. T and he’s a brutal opponent. I can’t help it but these movies really pump me up. The eye of the tiger song is featured in this film and it really gets your blood pumping, also the Rocky theme song is still a great one to get you in the mood of an epic boxing match. This isn’t the best Rocky film, but it’s better than some of the spit bucket movies that are out there. Yo Adrian!



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Rocky III (1982)


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