Ex Machina (2015)

I thought this movie was going to be more like Sex Machina from how the trailer portrayed the film… instead of it being about smutty robots though, I was pleasantly surprised at how deep and intriguing the plot was in this movie. There was some robotic nudity, circuits and all but I loved the naked emotion from actress Alicia Vikander. She did a great job as Ava the robot. Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac were awesome with their back and forth tension over how the robotic research was being done. I was just blown away by how cool and engaging this film was, the time just flew by. If you like a good thriller, cool science fiction and sexy robots that could possibly kill you then boot-up your favorite device and plug yourself into a great sci-fi movie.



For more information on this film,
visit the imdb.com page:
Ex Machina (2015)


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