Big Eyes (2014)

This is definitely one of those artsy flicks. I really like any movie about artists or painting, and this was no exception. This is the crazy story of an artist from the 1950’s who made it big, but had all her credit stolen from her conniving husband. Christoph Waltz plays the husband and he does a great job of being totally greasy and we aren’t talking oil painting-greasy either. Amy Adams plays the poor artist who is immensely talented but receives no credit for her work. The two actors play off each other well in this Tim Burton film. This is actually a pretty normal movie for Burton, there are a few scenes where everyone’s eyes are really big like in the paintings, but that’s about the most Burtonesque thing this movie has. I wouldn’t say this movie is the most entertaining thing, but it was interesting to see this scandal unfold in the art-world of the 50’s and 60’s.



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Big Eyes (2014)


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