The Rover (2014)

Guy Pearce really cares about his car. I think I know what the point of this film was, but I can’t really say without possibly spoiling the plot… but this was one strange story. Pearce teams up with Robert Pattinson, who does a great job acting in this, which I thought I’d never say, to get his car back. I love the desolate atmosphere that director David Michod presents to us. I also noticed a weird thing about the writing where a lot of lines are said twice, either for emphasis or to be used in a threatening manner. I just wish there was a reason for this movie, it really doesn’t go anywhere. I felt like maybe there is supposed to be a sequel. Still, even though I sort of hated the ending, I still like the movie. I would say it’s good, but I’m not entirely sure why. It’s just a strange odyssey to get a stolen vehicle back.



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The Rover (2014)


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