Videodrome (1983)

Well at least this movie wasn’t about betamax. I found most of this movie to be right on the edge of intriguing and boring. Sometimes I was really into it and other times not so much. I thought this was an interesting role for James Woods, a TV executive for a trashy late-night channel, where he stumbles on a special channel called Videodrome. This channel causes you to hallucinate in the grossest ways. I absolutely loved the ooey-gooey gore in the visions that Woods was going through. The pulsating V/H/S tapes and the human video slot in his stomach. It’s all terrifically nasty and I would say David Cronenberg’s strong suit. I wish all his movies were like this as I haven’t been a fan of his new work. TV is dangerous folks, make sure it doesn’t drive you mad. It was true in the 80’s and it’s true today!



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Videodrome (1983)


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