Rocky II (1979)

A rocky start but with a solid ending this movie is the reigning champ. I loved how the start of this movie was the very last couple minutes of the first film, getting fans caught up if you forgot what happened at the end of the first Rocky. I also liked how they showed what money and fame can do to a person and how newly minted athletes really should hire a financial adviser or take some personal finance classes. Rocky goes on a spending spree and ends up having to take some menial jobs to get by. I still absolutely love Adrien and Rocky together. They are a fantastic movie couple, one of my favorites. I also love the idea of Apollo Creed not being satisfied with a split decision and wanting to knock out Rocky. I loved the training montage again and rematch. Just a really fun sports movie in general. If there wasn’t so much drama that you have to sit through in the middle of the film before the fight, this movie would be better than the first. Still, it’s a really good movie and compliments the original nicely.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Rocky II (1979)


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