Rocky (1976)

I was afraid this movie was going to be a bum, but it ended up being a real contender. I loved this movie, I thought that Stallone was a really lovable character, which is way different than most boxing movies like Raging Bull where the boxer main character is a real piece of woman-beating trash. Rocky Balboa is a pretty stand-up guy, yeah, he was a bum at the start while working for a mobster collecting payments… but he redeems himself with hard work and training to go toe-to-toe with Apollo Creed – the world champion in boxing. The final training montage and the final fight are amazing, but my favorite part of this movie is the love story between Rocky and Adrian. Those two are incredibly cute together since they fill their “gaps” in their lives. Adrian is anti-social and smart and Rocky is very social and a little dull. They are perfect together and pick each other up and finding a good love of your life is better than any championship.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Rocky (1976)


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