Two Days, One Night (2014)

This movie was short, but it felt like it lasted two days and one night. I’m impressed at how high of a level of boring this movie reached. It was like watching the same scene 9 times in a row with slightly different outcomes. Marion Cotillard plays the part of Sandra, a girl who is battling depression. She is getting let go from her job because their union voted on whether they get a bonus or keep her in her position. So, you spend an hour and a half watching her knock on doors or ring doorbells asking people the same exact question “Will you vote for me instead of your bonus”. This gets quite old after the third time you see it. Some people are jerks and say no, while others have better hearts and say yes. The ending is a real let-down and doesn’t make all the repetition of the movie worth it. There’s even a really medically unbelievable scene in the film that ruins its credibility in my opinion. A terrible movie, I’d suggest you give it a vote of no confidence.



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Two Days, One Night (2014)


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