Citizenfour (2014)

A real snore for a citizen like me. I don’t watch an incredible amount of documentaries but this one dragged on forever. It was slightly less than two hours long but it felt like at least four. It seemed forever before they got to Edward Snowden in the film. I got to hear from some journalists that I really don’t care for and had to watch some sort of strange symposium from Occupy Wall Street. When it finally got to Snowden it got a little more interesting until he starts talking in techno-jargon and loses you, and all the stuff he is writing down or typing isn’t shown to the audience (obviously for security reasons) but still, it isn’t enthralling entertainment. My favorite scenes (and I’m being sarcastic here) are where Snowden is sitting and watching television, or shaving or just staring at his computer. I started this movie sort of late and I almost never fall asleep unless I’m tucked into a bed, laying in the dark but I was about to succumb to slumber. I don’t like to inject politics into anything but I’ll say that I’m glad he brought up the subject of privacy in our modern world, but I wish there was a more legal channel he could have taken (maybe there wasn’t one) to bring this information out. Still, I’d skip this as I learned nothing I didn’t hear in the news already and I can watch more interesting things than personal grooming habits and television-watching.


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Citizenfour (2014)


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