Inside Out (2015)

This movie twisted my emotions like a pretzel. I thought this was a really good movie, especially for younger folks learning about the importance of all emotions and how they are good for you. I mean if you never felt sadness, you might end up being a sociopath. I liked all the little emotions within the character Riley, but Riley stole the show for me. She was adorable and I always wanted to see more of her, rather than really long scenes with her emotions. I do think all the voice actors did a good job, especially Amy Poehler as “Joy” since she not only had to stay really peppy for a long time, she also goes through a range of emotions herself. The movie can be a tearjerker at times, like Disney/Pixar tends to do, so have some tissues nearby. It’s a very cute film and I glad I saw it, will it be my favorite one from Disney? Probably not, but I could see this one rising up on a lot of people’s favorite lists.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Inside Out (2015)


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