The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

The hills may have eyes but my eyes wanted to look at something other than this film after watching this for a while. The biggest thing that hit me in this film was the quality of the sound and picture. Yes, it is an older movie and the technology wasn’t there but I just felt like some lines were lost due to bad sound quality. I did like the folks hiding in the hills, they were kind of scary, but it was hard to root for the good guys as they were all pretty lame. I liked their dogs “Beauty and The Beast”. Wes Craven also had some nice shots here and there. I just was disappointed in the amount of scares. I mainly felt bored and just wanted everyone to be killed off so I could move on to a better movie. If someone asks you to watch this, I suggest you run for the hills and get out of there.



For more information on this film,
visit the page:
The Hills Have Eyes (1977)


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