Red Eye (2005)

This movie sort of took me for a ride. Yes, it has some excellent tension and both Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams had some great performances… but this movie kind of disappointed me too. It was hard to rate this because the first half of the film does have excellent tension and you don’t know where the movie is going to go. Then you see that this trained killer, Cillian Murphy named Jack Ripner, can’t handle threatening a woman who works at a job I used to work at, a hotel. I know giving customer service is a war zone but sheesh, Murphy almost seems like a pushover bad guy in this. I hate to admit it but I was cheering for the bad guy a little in this film, but ended up being disappointed. Still, really good performances and Wes Craven did know how to have a bad guy not go down easily. Skip the in-flight meal and skip this, unless you love Cillian Murphy as much as I do.



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Red Eye (2005)


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