Tusk (2014)

There’s something fishy about this film and it stinks. It’s too bad really, I was enjoying this movie up to a certain point. Kevin Smith’s direction builds up some good intrigue and suspense and then all the good-will that he builds up for you is pulled out from under you and the movie becomes (hopefully a satire of) the Human Centipede. Human body modification and torture galore and it’s not pretty. It’s all so very torturous and sad with a letdown ending. I did like Johnny Depp as the crazy French Canadian, it was good to see Haley Joel Osment is alive, Michael Parks was positively demonic in this, Justin Long also gives a good performance (even as a Walrus) and Genesis Rodriguez is gorgeous… so finally, I guess if you enjoy torture movies like the Human Centipede this movie will be right up your alley otherwise I would make like a Walrus and get the flipper out of there if someone wants to see this movie with you.


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Tusk (2014)


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