Coming to America (1988)

A fish out of water story or maybe a lion out of the savanna as Eddie Murphy plays an African Prince who decides he doesn’t want an arranged marriage and comes to America to find his Queen. Where does one find a Queen in America? Queens, NY of course! This movie has some really funny moments. I love how naive Murphy is and his pal, played by Arsenio Hall, is also great as his pampered and spoiled friend. The fact that Murphy and Hall play so many characters is impressive. I love the characters they play at the barber shop, always arguing about boxing. Shari Headley was a beautiful love interest for Murphy and James Earl Jones played a very commanding African King, I haven’t heard such a great kingly voice since the Lion King. Samuel L. Jackson has a great cameo as a robber. All in all, it’s a very enjoyable movie and easy to watch. It is a little lengthy for a comedy but it does take place in two different countries so that does add a lot of fillers. Not Murphy’s best movie, but one worth remembering and watching every once in a while, just remember to never throw rose petals at his feet or you’ll be answering directly to James Earl Jones.



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Coming to America (1988)


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