Coherence (2013)

I’ll try and write a coherent review for this film, but it has me in such a tizzy I’m not sure what I’ll say. This movie was a lot of fun, crazy mind-bending fun or maybe just crazy. It’s a pretty low-budget indie film and Nicholas Brendon from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the only actor I recognized in this, but it was surprisingly well-made. I love the premise of the movie and I love that it has you scratching your head well into the last few minutes of the film. Some of the acting gets a little bad for a second and there is some weird (and some good) ad libbing but don’t let that phase you as this is the Schrodinger’s cat of movies. I hope this was coherent enough for you and I might have babbled on, but let me just end on this: see this movie if you like weird metaphysical and philosophical relationship dramas… or if you like dinner party movies. Just check this out.



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Coherence (2013)


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