The Zero Theorem (2014)

Well at least I didn’t have to give this movie a zero and I have a theorem why… because the film kept me entertained for the most part. I really liked Terry Gilliam’s futuristic world that seemed eerily familiar to the movie Brazil but I liked this a little more. I loved how the cities were really dank and grungy but also had crazy pops of color due to the weird advertising that would sometimes follow you around. I loved the singing pizza boxes (and the delivery people weren’t bad too). Christoph Waltz was excellent in this and unfortunately Tilda Swinton brought back her exact same role from Snowpiercer for this film. There wasn’t enough David Thewlis, I love that guy and Melanie Thierry was a delicious cherry on top for the film. I just wish it had a better ending and was a little shorter and this movie would have earned a much better score. Still, it’s a fun and wacky movie true to the Terry Gilliam style.



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The Zero Theorem (2014)


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