Maps to the Stars (2014)

I wish this map would lead me away from this film. I really didn’t enjoy Maps to the Stars. Maybe I just don’t like David Cronenberg. I hated his last film and this one was at least palatable but it had a stupid ending and the subject matter of the movie was too easy of a target: Hollywood. Yes, everyone in Hollywood does drugs and fights and blah blah blah. Julianne Moore has good performance, it was nice to see Carrie Fisher in a movie again, Robert Pattinson is as awful as usual (just sporting shorter hair), Mia Wasikowska was good but why does she keep doing these roles where her face is burnt off or she has a giant birthmark on her face… you have a very very pretty face Mia! Stop ruining it! I loved the few short scenes with Sarah Gadon, who is becoming a rising star in my opinion. John Cusack has his moments but it felt like he had too much guy-liner around his eyes, it was distracting. The movie has some moments but not enough to call it a good movie, I’d rather wander around Hollywood lost with a star map in my hands than watch this again.


ReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Maps to the Stars (2014)


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