Up (2009)

Up, also known as that movie that will make you cry in 90 seconds or less! This movie is incredibly fun and sweet. Pixar was able to create a love story with no speaking in such a short time that will bring you to tears and that is an incredible feat. Once you get past the tears of the beginning, you’ll find a wonderful adventure story starring an old man, a wilderness scout and some varied animals. The humor is spot-on and the animation is wonderful. It really is an amazing animated adventure that rises to the top of anyone’s favorite Disney list like a house attached to balloons. If you haven’t seen this one, check it out. Just because it isn’t hand-drawn animation doesn’t mean it’s not a great Disney/Pixar movie!



For more information on this film,
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Up (2009)


2 thoughts on “Up (2009)

    • Thanks! I always seem to forget how good Up is. That opening sequence is just so amazing. Any time I feel like I need to cry, I might just pop that in and let the tears flow. 🙂

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