8 Mile (2002)

I’ve only got one shot to get this first line right, oh heck with it, I’ll just move on… 8 Mile stars Eminem (not to be confused with the delicious candies) where he plays the part of a white rapper trying to make it big in the Detroit rap scene. His character’s name is Bunny Rabbit and he’s trying to get out of his mom’s trailer home that he’s sharing with her. Eminem has some really good moments of acting in this and then sometimes he just downright lost me with his acting. There is no doubt he’s a brilliant artist but I’m not sure if acting should be his thing. I was surprised to see Kim Basinger in this as the mother and there were some other good cast members like Anthony Mackie, Michael Shannon, Taryn Manning and Brittany Murphy. This movie made me miss Brittany Murphy, she was pretty good in her role and she was really cute. I loved the big rap battle at the end, but was really disappointed that he didn’t perform his Oscar-winning song, it was just playing in the credits. That’s all, I’m outie.



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8 Mile (2002)


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