Superman: The Movie (1978)

Not a super movie, but it won’t be kryptonite to you either. I would like to start off and say that Christopher Reeve was born to play Superman. He just looks perfect in the role and he cracks me up as Clark Kent. He’s so timid and bumbling it made me smile. Margot Kidder on the other hand was a poor choice. I just didn’t like her as Lois Lane. She was overly whiny and she just wasn’t a great actress. I loved Gene Hackman as Lex but I think that his two henchmen were a little too kiddy-comic-booky. The scenes were just so goofy it took away from the film. Some of the special effects were great for the late 70’s and for the most part I did have fun watching the movie… with some different casting choices and some rewrites I think this could have been a super Superman film, instead it’s just good.



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Superman: The Movie (1978)


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