Superman II (1980)

Superman II, even less super. I didn’t really enjoy this movie. It just felt like a bland sequel to a slightly bland original movie. I didn’t like the General Zod story. Once again it made the bad guys a little too cartoony having Zod think planet Earth was called Hoosten (mispronouncing Houston). The whole movie felt like the first but even in a worse way. The movie was fine,but it definitely wasn’t good. I still like Reeve and still hate Kidder. Also, the romance scenes in the film, teamed up with Superman giving up his powers for whiny Lois just really made me feel ill. It all didn’t work and really didn’t move the movie along. The trope of giving up your superpowers for love is a dumb one. I’d skip this one, I wish Superman would reverse the planets rotation so I can forget that I saw this.


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Superman II (1980)


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