Mad Max (1979)

I wasn’t very mad about this film, but it took some stunts to the maximum. Mel Gibson (extremely young Mel Gibson) is great as Max, a cop in the near future who has to take on an evil biker gang that attacks his family. The movie doesn’t feel very futuristic but it is pretty fun just from a zany/stunt-filled perspective. I love when one biker loses his hand and his boss asks for it back and I love how George Miller uses a very Hitchcockian direction when it comes to the violent moments of the film. Some of the Australian accents are hard to understand and I felt like I missed a lot of lines, especially when there were engines revving or sirens wailing (which was about 90% of the movie). Still, I had a lot of fun in this near-future where Mel Gibson is running smelly bikers off the road for vengeance.



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Mad Max (1979)


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