The Giver (2014)

It doesn’t take an elder to tell you that the story this movie is based off of is really good. I don’t think the book translates to a movie as well. I was happy with Jeff Bridges and extremely happy with Odeya Rush. She is a new actress to me and I thought she did a great job and was quite beautiful. Meryl Streep was a pretty big name to have in this but she faded into the background and I’ll probably forget that she was even in this, I feel the same way about Katie Holmes. It was strange seeing Taylor Swift in a live-action role. She did an okay job, she did just a small cameo. I loved the use of black and white and color. It reminded me of Pleasantville. A good movie but ultimately forgettable and you don’t need any special injections to forget it either.



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The Giver (2014)


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