Filth (2014)

I feel pretty dirty after watching this but it was so much fun watching James McAvoy destroy everyone in his path on his way to a promotion to head Detective. The movie takes some really strange turns and I must heavily warn anyone who watches it that it has some really strong themes and is very rated R. I have heard some people complained about this movie because it was promoted as a “funny cop movie”. Yes, there are some funny parts but the last quarter of the film gets very dark. I laughed so hard at some parts though, my stomach hurts from all the laughing. The cast is all excellent and there was some interesting make-up work when McAvoy has his animal hallucinations. A lot of great actors from the U.K. make up this film, they all have great chemistry. There is a roller coaster of emotions, you’ll be laughing at him prank calling his friends wife and you’ll want to cry when you hear about his condition and his past. An excellent movie if you aren’t easily offended by McAvoy’s filthy lifestyle and unconventional police work.



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Filth (2014)


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