Blue Ruin (2014)

I have no regrets for watching this film. This was an excellent story of revenge. It has some slow parts and the movie doesn’t rely on star power, in fact I only recognized one actor in this and he was a guest star on the show Supernatural. I liked the main character played by Macon Blair. He starts off as this sad homeless man digging through the trash to becoming a vengeful killer who takes out the trash. I liked the realism in this film, especially when he tries to take out an arrow from his leg only to realize he isn’t a doctor and passes out in a hospital lobby. Not every action star is also a field surgeon Hollywood! The final scene of the film gets pretty nuts but I love it. The film has a lot of gory scenes so be prepared for that. This could have got a perfect score but it did have a few slow scenes that dragged on. When the action and thrills were on point, this film will not Blue Ruin your day. Check this one out if you love revenge films, It was a real surprise to me.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Blue Ruin (2014)


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