Raging Bull (1980)

A depressing film, no bull. I’ll openly admit that I don’t always love Scorsese films. I generally find them to be too long and mostly uninteresting. Honestly, most of the points this film earned was from two things: Robert De Niro’s acting and the brutal (albeit short) boxing scenes. This was my first time watching this film and I’ve been told it’s the best boxing film ever made. I strongly disagree. Only about 10% of this film has boxing in it, the other 90% is Jake LaMotta boxing on his wife, whether it’s physically or emotionally. The film is just too bleak for me and I didn’t find it entertaining. Joe Pesci also did a great job, as did Cathy Moriarty. I also liked the black and white filming, but I wasn’t a fan of the sound mixing as the film would get so quiet you would see the actor’s lips moving but hear no sound and then five seconds later in the ring the speakers would almost get blown out. If you are looking for a great boxing movie, this is not the one. If you like watching a jealous, wife-beating loser that sometimes boxes, then this is your film. I’m glad I saw it once, but that will probably be the last time.



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Raging Bull (1980)


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