The Drop (2014)

Watch til you drop. I liked this movie quite a bit, it really keeps you in the dark for a long time and you just don’t see some things coming. This was a pretty good film for James Gandolfini to go out on. It won’t win a bunch of awards, but it’s a crime-drama that is enjoyable. Gandolfini can do crime well from his Sopranos days. Tom Hardy plays a different kind of role where he’s quite soft-spoken and I’ll never complain seeing Noomi Rapace in any film. This movie reminded me a little bit like John Wick where the abuse of a dog starts a chain of events that leads to something bigger. I liked the idea of “Drop Bars” where money would be dropped off all in one spot in alternating locations. This was based off a short story and honestly, I think it worked out really well. If you like movies about crime, this is one worth looking at, you’ll try to guess how the movie will go, but good luck getting it right.



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The Drop (2014)


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