Chef (2014)

Jon Favreau serves up some culinary goodness in this comedy about bringing family together through hard work and food. I thought this was a pretty fun movie, but only once he starts working on his food truck. The first half of the movie was a little slow and was so focused on how hard life is and being whiny about food critics. I do love how this movie focuses on the good and bad things that social media can bring to a business. In some ways it can make you lose your job, in others it can boost your business until it explodes. There were some cameos from big actors (two Avengers actually) Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr.; but really my favorite person in this movie was John Leguizamo. He was funny and had a good heart in this film. This movie is good if you can make it to that magical halfway point where the real fun starts. Also, the food in this film is so beautiful and yummy looking. Be sure to eat a big meal before watching this so you aren’t drooling the whole time.



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Chef (2014)


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