Big (1988)

This film has a lot of heart and soul… and not just played on a giant piano-pad on the floor. Tom Hanks is a delight in this film about growing up. I love how this movie looks at adulthood from the perspective of a child. Wow, we can stay up late and order pizza and make a lot more money at a real job than you can get from a paper route! Then love finds its way in and you feel like you need to man up and be more responsible. It’s fun watching Hanks grow up, but even better seeing him returned to normal. Elizabeth Perkins is a great addition to Hanks’ life and Robert Loggia has some excellent scenes. I just love how playful this movie is and how inspiring it is to find a job that speaks to you, even if your main talent is being a kid at heart. It isn’t a giant film, but the warm feelings you get from this movie are enormous.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Big (1988)


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