What If (2014)

Friend Zoned: The Movie. You have to feel sorry for poor Daniel Radcliffe as he falls head over heels for the beautiful Zoe Kazan. I really don’t need any excuses to see a Kazan movie, but I’m glad my sister-in-law recommended this. I thought some of the jokes were really good, I especially like when the boyfriend gets knocked out a window. Adam Driver is always funny, with his dry sense of humor and love of nachos. I liked how this movie proves once again how hard it is for a guy to just be friends with a girl, it can be done but it’s difficult. It had a feel of When Harry Met Sally on the whole friend/romantic relationship thing. As with most romantic comedies, the eventual formulaic fight between the couple had to happen, and I didn’t like how it happened, but they recovered from it a lot quicker than most rom coms do. I’m a sap for romance, so I liked this, it might not be for pessimistic people though.



For more information on this film,
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What If (2014)


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