Twins (1988)

Happy National Twins day! Okay, I just found out today randomly that it was Twins Day and I had just finished this movie. Coincidence? Absolutely. So, this movie is pretty cute. It isn’t going to knock all four socks off of twins but it will make you laugh a little and smile a bit more. Arnold and DeVito are a funny twin brother combo. Arnold does steal the show with his almost childlike sense of wonder of the real world as he has been sequestered off on an island in the Pacific. Kelly Preston is stunning (when is she not) and it was nice to see David Caruso as a thief instead of a cop. This isn’t one of those 80’s comedies that will stick with you for life, but you might get a twin second-sense that you should watch it, like I did today.


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Twins (1988)


2 thoughts on “Twins (1988)

  1. Omg, this movie. It’s kind of awful, but it cracks me up every time. The bad baby making the huge baby cry at the beginning kills me. They really are funny together.

    • Haha, yeah it is kind of awful, but I tried to be nice in my review. That baby part was really funny at the start. Arnold and DeVito really had good chemistry together.

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