Still Alice (2014)

This still is a good film, just not a really good film. I fully agree Julianne Moore deserved her accolades. The movie makes you think a lot about family and taking care of yourself too. Alzheimers disease is really scary and the line of “I wish I had cancer” shows how bad the disease really is. The scene with the self made video and her sleeping pills was more scary than many things I see in thriller movies. The one thing that brought this movie down for me was Kristen Stewart. I know a lot of people are harsh on her, but I think she deserves a little bit of chastisement for this film. She plays that typical “actor” who makes everything about them, she does have a good progression into being a better person but I really wish the movie didn’t end with her and Julianne Moore. It left me on a sour note. Alec Baldwin and Kate Bosworth had good roles (albeit smaller) in this too. A hard movie to watch, but life affirming as it makes you never want this to happen to you. It’s just an awful thing to happen.



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Still Alice (2014)


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