Platoon (1986)

Cartoons have more dimension than this film. Sorry Oliver Stone, this isn’t a war epic that deserves much praise. Please see Full Metal Jacket to see a better war movie. There really aren’t any likable characters to root for in this film. Willem Dafoe is probably the best character and he normally plays the villain in movies. The film’s true purpose is to set an agenda and show that soldiers are more evil than the people they are fighting in these dense jungles. The soldiers are lazy, drug-addicts, rapists and murderers. Even the final monologue by Sheen talks about not fighting an enemy but fighting themselves. I don’t approve of this message, I know the Vietnam War was not a popular one and it was before my time, but when you dedicate a movie to the Veterans of Vietnam at least try to make some of them look heroic instead of monsters. Some ugly scenes in this movie, and I know war is hell, but this film left me with no good feelings at all. I’d call this a political piece instead of entertainment, and I watch movies because they entertain me. In this aspect, the movie fails.



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Platoon (1986)


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