The Interview (2014)

This interview is not to be missed. So, there was a lot of hype to this movie… I mean, we almost started World War III by making this according to some. So my expectations were pretty high going into the viewing of this film. I must say, it surpassed what I thought it was going to be like. Both Franco and Rogen were equally funny in their own style. I can always tell that those two have a blast working with each other. Randall Park was amazing as Kim Jong-un. Diana Bang and Lizzy Caplan brought some beauty to the film’s cast and I just had a really good time watching this movie. The final scene with the song playing when the tank fires its large shell had me rolling on the floor. Listen to the Supreme Leader and watch this film… but only if you like gross/crass humor, if you don’t like that style then I think you should avoid this one. It’s not for everybody but I loved it.


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5 thoughts on “The Interview (2014)

  1. I didn’t love this movie, I’ve laughed harder at other Seth Rogen movies. But the scene with Eminem at the beginning….priceless. Nothing is better than a celebrity who can make jokes at his own expense.

    • Yeah, I put that last part in my review because I knew this movie wasn’t for everybody. I loved the good action sequences, mixed with the humor. There are other Rogen movies I love better than this too, but I guess I was just surprised that I liked this, since so many people I knew just beat the Interview up like it was the worst film ever. Have you seen, This is the End? I liked that one.

      • It wasn’t the WORST film ever. And yes, I’ve seen This is the End. Many amusing quotable lines in that one. (The Milky Way is my special food!) And many funny people make brief appearances before getting sucked into hell. A bit self-indulgent, but I laughed my butt off.

      • Haha, I forgot about that Milky Way line! I love how Michael Cera is killed and that scene with Emma Watson is hilarious. Thanks for always commenting! 🙂 I checked out your site too and really liked your writing. Keep it up!

      • Thank you, sir:)

        I like your reviews. They’re short and right to the point. And I love dishing on old movies that I haven’t seen or thought of in a while.

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