The Maze Runner (2014)

Not the most a mazing thing I’ve seen, but it wasn’t terrible. I do feel like the movie was made more for the people who have read the Young Adult novels than for people who are just watching this as a movie. Some of the acting was pretty good and the whole movie had a Hunger Games / The Village vibe. I wish the maze itself would have been more interesting, yes it has cool creatures but otherwise it was a bunch of grey walls. I was hoping for some more interesting things like in Labyrinth. The ending will leave you feeling quite unfulfilled as you see this movie is just leading you toward the next book. I wish more of these movies would be a little more different, than each other whether it’s Harry Potter with being sorted into houses, Divergent being sorted into jobs or The Maze Runner being sorted into categories like Runners or Farmers. Young Adult novels teach us that we all need to be sorted into a box, except the lead characters that kick that box open because they don’t care.



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The Maze Runner (2014)


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