Stand by Me (1986)

I stand by this perfect score. I love this movie. I’ve seen it many times and each time I feel a sense of nostalgia. You really don’t have better friends than you do when you are young. It brings back a lot of memories of climbing fences and fishing and just hanging out, talking about random subjects. I normally don’t like child actors but Wheaton, Phoenix, Feldman and O’Connell were all great. Sutherland is an excellent bad guy (although I wish he was in a little more of the movie). I laughed so hard during the pie eating contest I cried, then I calmed down and then laughed until I cried again. Excellent directing from Rob Reiner and a sweet little story out of the mind of Stephen King. This movie is better than finding your missing quart jar of pennies under your porch.



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Stand by Me (1986)


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