Predestination (2014)

This is a summer destination I can handle. So, I have to say that I loved this movie. It’s pretty complicated but I think they do a good job towards the end filling you in on some details to get you caught up. This movie has so many strange twists and turns I feel like I can’t really describe the movie without spoiling a bunch of it. I’ll just say that Ethan Hawke is back from his terrible work with Boyhood and is now back where he belongs in sci-fi like he did with Gattaca. Sarah Snook is a relatively new actress to me, but I already love her. She had a hard role to play in this film. The Spierig brothers have blown me away twice now with Daybreakers and Predestination. I will be following their career really closely from now on. Check this one out if you enjoy a good time-traveling suspense film.



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Predestination (2014)


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