Willow (1988)

You would have to be mad not to at least slightly enjoy this movie. It was a little goofy and off the wall, but I found it quite enjoyable. Warwick Davis as the titular character Willow was a fun hero. He may have been little but his heart and courage was quite large. Val Kilmer seems like a strange choice for Madmartigan, but I thought he was pretty charming, almost Han Solo-like in this role. Joanne Whalley was beautiful and deadly as Sorscha. The movie feels a little like the Lord of the Rings, with a lot of travel and epic sword fights, but at least it was about protecting a baby instead of destroying a ring. I like George Lucas as a writer and Ron Howard did an interesting directing job. It may be a PG film but it isn’t exactly for kids. Check this one out if you like epic fantasies with a bit of humor mixed in.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Willow (1988)


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