The Babadook (2014)

Baba…dook,dook dook. The sounds that will haunt me for a while. This movie is quite scary at the start, but unravels towards the end of the film. I absolutely LOVED the scary children’s book from this film. I would buy a replica of it because it was so well made. I also would love to dress up as the Babadook for Halloween this year. I just wish this film would have had a decent ending. The whole thing ended quickly and in a somewhat strange and boring way. Essie Davis was an incredible actress and I think she should have been nominated for this role, and I usually dislike child actors but Noah Wiseman hit all the right notes as the creepy little boy. Jennifer Kent has great promise in this genre, she needs to ask somebody about how to write an ending though. The more I believe this last statement I made, the stronger my opinion gets. Look into this one, it’s just weird enough to be pretty good.


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The Babadook (2014)


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