The Running Man (1987)

Alternate title: One-Liner Man. This movie has the best one-liners next to Arnold in Batman & Robin. I think they could of fit even more into this film, but that’s just me being greedy. This was the first time I’ve seen this film and I really liked it. I can’t believe this was a Stephen King movie, but I guess it was actually written by his alternate personality Richard Bachman so maybe that added some additional quality. I really liked Maria Conchita Alonso, she was a fun addition to the movie with her fiery personality and exotic looks. Jesse Ventura was funny but he was sadly not in as much of this film as I would have liked him. The stalkers were all pretty cool with their different elemental powers and I just love this early idea of reality TV gone wrong. I do love a good Arnold movie, so expect to see more reviews on him, he’ll be back, I’m sure.


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The Running Man (1987)


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