Deliver Us from Evil (2014)

This movie didn’t totally deliver, but it had some deliciously evil moments. I’m not always a huge fan of Eric Bana, but I thought he did he role in this pretty well. I usually love Olivia Munn but her character was the most cliched of them all. She was the scared, whiny, needy wife who says “you’re never here when you’re here” sort of lines. If they would have cut her scenes out, this film would have got a better score. Speaking of score, this film’s music was interesting, integrating the Doors music into the story. I loved Bana’s partner, he had some good comedic relief and the special effects were pretty good, and gross at times. The strange part was, this movie almost felt believable. It’s not a perfect exorcism movie, but it’s worth clutching your Rosary beads over.


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Deliver Us from Evil (2014)


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