Rain Man (1988)

You don’t have to be a savant to see that this is a really good movie. I love the transition that Tom Cruise goes through with his long lost brother. He starts out being indifferent and almost cruel to being a big supporter and friend. Dustin Hoffman has a powerful presence and could come out as offensive but he takes it right up to the line and is pretty respectable and lovable in this role as an autistic adult. There are quite of few funny parts in this with some great lines from Hoffman “We’re getting further from K-Mart” and some really cute scenes like Tom Cruise teaching his brother how to slow dance. I think this movie’s length could have been cut down a bit, but otherwise it’s a really great film that everyone should see. Just make sure you always put the maple syrup out before the pancakes come out, I’ve heard that’s important.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Rain Man (1988)


2 thoughts on “Rain Man (1988)

    • It is really excellent! Yes, love the Judge Wapner parts, especially when they show up at that lady’s front door pretending to be from the Nielson ratings group. 🙂

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