Dracula Untold (2014)

I wouldn’t say this is the untold story of Dracula, in fact I felt like this is the typical story you hear when you research Vlad the Impaler. To be honest, this movie is getting a score so high because I had zero hope that this movie would be entertaining and it proved me wrong. I felt like the movie had some really cool action scenes, I especially love how Dracula moved quickly by turning into a swarm of bats. There was some vampire lore in this that I didn’t know about, and a lot that I was comfortable with so it was a good mix of new and old lore. I felt like Luke Evans was a better Vlad than a Dracula but the worst part was that whenever he was on screen with Sarah Gadon, she really outshone him with her ethereal good looks. Darn those Canadians and their beauty! There were a few parts that dragged but I felt like the action scenes were pretty cool, it’s not an amazing movie but I would say it’s good. Check it out if you like vampires that aren’t prism-pretending wusses.



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Dracula Untold (2014)


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